WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUNF) — The 2017 Streamy Awards will transpire on Tuesday, September 26 at the Beverly Hilton and will feature the Village People.

Village People will perform at the event. The Streamy Awards are streamed LIVE on Twitter.

Fan voting for the two Audience Choice categories – Creator of the Year and Show of the Year – is now open. Fans can vote once per day per category by tweeting out a nominee’s specific hashtag. Voting for both categories will close at 7PM PT on Tuesday, September 26, which is 30 minutes into the live stream of the 7th Annual Streamy Awards. Fans should be sure to only include one of the below hashtags per voting tweet!

Creator of the Year:

Cameron Dallas – #CameronForStreamys
Casey Neistat – #CaseyForStreamys
David Dobrik – #DavidForStreamys
Dolan Twins – #DolanForStreamys
Jake Paul – #JakeForStreamys
Jenna Marbles – #JennaForStreamys
Lilly Singh – #LillyForStreamys
Liza Koshy – #LizaForStreamys
Logan Paul – #LoganForStreamys
Shane Dawson – #ShaneForStreamys

Show of the Year:

Good Mythical Morning – #GMMForStreamys
Kian & JC – #KianJCForStreamys
The King of Random – #TKORForStreamys
The Philip DeFranco Show – #DeFrancoShowForStreamys
REACT – #REACTForStreamys
Rooster Teeth – #RoosterTeethForStreamys
Sugar Pine 7 – #SP7ForStreamys
The Try Guys – #TryGuysForStreamys
UNHhhh – #UNHhhhForStreamys
The Young Turks – #TYTForStreamys

For more information, visit www.streamys.org and interact with the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #streamys

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