Customer Who Ordered Flowers For Mothers Day Upset Over Flower Company Mishap; Sears Credit Card Fraud Department Investigates Just Flowers

FAIR LAWN, N.J. (WUNF) — Mother’s Day is special to many people and for Carolyn Mazza, a Fair Lawn resident in New Jersey, it was so special that she wanted to send flowers out but couldn’t find a company to deliver directly on Mother’s Day.

That is, until, she found Just Flowers – A website that ‘said’ they would deliver Mazza’s order on Mother’s Day, however it was never delivered.

Mazza told UNF News Reporter Kyle Mazza ‘I thought that Just Flowers would deliver on Mother’s Day but I checked with the recipient and the product never came to the recipient’s home, I called Just Flowers several times to check on the status of the order but no response was ever given, no-one answered the phone or responded on live-chat.’

However, earlier today, Carolyn Mazza got through to Just Flowers and a representative at the flower company said that the order would be delivered today. The representative told Mazza that a Florist Company by the name of ‘Bill’s Village Florist’ which is located in the Town of Butler would be delivering the product to the intended recipient today.

Mazza, relieved but not satisfied, then called Bill’s Village Florist after the conversation with the earlier representative for Just Flowers. When checking on the order status through the Florist, an employee said to Mazza, ‘We don’t deliver there, we have to cancel the order.’ Mazza was flabbergasted at that statement.

However, Mazza’s hopes to have the product delivered finally became a reality when the employee at Bill’s Village Florist asked Mazza if she was willing to cancel the order with Just Flowers and order directly through them. Mazza was extremely excited and said ‘Yes’ The order was then placed directly with Bill’s Village Florist and was delivered a short time later.

The problem did not end there however, it continued when Mazza called Just Flowers, spoke to another representative and asked to have a refund placed on her Credit Card. The representative from Just Flowers responded, ‘We did not charge your Credit Card because we do not have your Credit Card number’ Mazza, now upset once again asked ‘how did it get on here then?’ referring to the charge from Just Flowers on her Credit Card. The representative then told Mazza, ‘I’m not sure, we didn’t charge you for this order’

Mazza, now upset at the incident regarding her Credit Card calls Sears’ Credit Card Customer Service to file a dispute. Sears’ Credit Card Customer Service issued Mazza a credit on her statement and after the credit, filed an investigation.

A UNF News Exclusive Investigation found that Mazza, is not the only one experiencing problems with Just Flowers, several others are as well. Many complaints were found on several review and consumer complaint websites all ranging from delivery woes to spikes in cost.

As an example, Lisa from Perkasie, Pennsylvania on May 9th of this year, wrote ‘my daughter ordered flowers for next day delivery for me for Mother’s Day from Just Flowers and they were never delivered on Mother’s Day, even though she paid the premium charges for next day, Sunday delivery. No one answers the phone and the online assistance won’t even help with customer service issues.’

Kelley from Los Angeles, California on May 9th of this year, wrote ‘I ordered Mother’s Day flowers and customer service 100 percent assured me that they would be there by Mother’s Day. Well sure enough I received an email stating their apologies but they will not be delivered until tomorrow. Clearly missing Mother’s Day and not following through with the promise. I tried to call them a few times but unfortunately I could not get anyone on the phone.’

Many complaints about Just Flowers aren’t just about Mother’s Day, they also range from funeral’s, birthday’s and other occasions.

For instance, on February 2nd of this year, Tina from Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey wrote ‘I ordered flowers on a Friday for my father-in-law’s funeral on Sunday. The customer service rep was waiving the delivery and handling for one order (which was not fully waived) and I paid extra for embossed ribbons. On Sunday when I arrive at the wake, the ribbons are not embossed and a whole flower arrangement from his grandchildren was not there. I was told they were delivered to the church. I never gave the church information, mentioned the church, or asked for delivery there. After holding for 40 minutes, the rep had to call the church, for what reason I have no idea. Then she said someone would get back to me. Monday after the burial I again tried to reach out to them. The hold time is horrible. I was then told that I had to wait for them to investigate the situation.

I am their customer, I demand a refund for an item I did not receive, and I have to wait for them to investigate why it went to the church, and if it in fact was delivered to the church. The whole experience was awful. The grandchildren were upset and the company had absolutely no remorse and did not take any responsibility. So as of now, I am waiting for them to finish their “investigation”. It is not my fault or my problem that they delivered the flowers somewhere other than what I specified. The appropriate thing to do would have been to either immediately send new flowers to the wake the moment I spoke to them or issue a refund on the spot. I should not have to wait for them to investigate anything. That is their problem to work it out with the florist they sent the order to not mine.’

UNF News will continue to follow this story and bring you any updates as warranted. If you have an experience with Just Flowers or another company, and the experience was unsatisfactory, and you would like UNF News to investigate, e-mail

PUBLISHED | 05/10/16 | 9:41 PM ET
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