Fair Lawn New Jersey High School Student Tweets About Israel; Student Is Reprimanded In The Principal’s Office

FAIR LAWN, N.J. (WUNF) — A local town in Bergen County, New Jersey is on edge due to an incident that occurred on the social network website Twitter.

Bethany Koval is a 16-year-old student from Fair Lawn High School which is in Fair Lawn, NJ. She tweeted expletives about Israel and other Anti-Israeli statements. She also allegedly talked about another student who unfollowed her on twitter which was considered by the Fair Lawn High School to be an allegation of bullying.

“I’m about to be exposed for being anti-Israel”. I’m so FREE now (to be) like… a post on twitter read. Another tweet expressed happiness that a pro-Israel classmate had unfollowed her. Koval did not identify the student, but told a friend she would provide the name in a private message. “[My friend] didn’t even know the girl”.

Ian Peters, who is a student at FLHS said “But there is going to come a point where you are going to say something about a race or a religion and it becomes offensive towards other people, and that’s where it becomes a bullying case when you are starting to offend people”

On a recording Bethany Koval can heard telling the administrator that she believed her tweets about Israel were “controversial” but not “problematic”. “F*** ISRAEL F*** ISRAEL F*** ISRAEL F*** ISRAEL”, she wrote.

Users from all over the world and the United States, including Ireland, England, and Missouri, tweeted in support of Koval, some of them with the hashtag #FreePalestine and also used the hashtag #IStandWithBenny.

Bethany Koval also gained the attention of online activists after she live-tweeted and apparently secretly recorded a trip to her principal’s office Wednesday which we told you about in an earlier post.

The hacker group Anonymous posted a video on YouTube in support of Koval, who goes by the username “benny” on Twitter. “I never degraded her. They use “bullying” as a guise to cover their pro-Israel, pro-censorship agenda”, she wrote.

There was a heightened presence of law enforcement from the Fair Lawn Police Department. No specific or credible threats to Fair Lawn High School have been made, however Anonymous’s words in the viceo posted to YouTube did cause some concern.

Jaelynn Carrasquillo, who is a student from the school said “I feel like she was expressing her opinion but she kind of took it too far involving the school”

“Hamas is not extreme: Hamas is just painted that way Hateful rhetoric against Hamas is what allowed the Gaza bombing”, Koval tweeted on December 23.

Fair Lawn Schools Superintendent Bruce Watson released a statement Thursday saying that “at no time have district officials sought to censor or reprimand any pupils for their online speech”.

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FAIR LAWN, N.J. (WUNF) — A student at Fair Lawn High School in New Jersey tweeted about Israel and a classmate from there.

16-year-old, Bethany Koval, was punished by administrators at the school located in Bergen County. A tweet contained expletives directed at Israel and it also expressed happiness that a supporter of Israel who is a student at the school unfollowed her on the social network site Twitter.

The Principal of Fair Lawn High School searched her phone to see if she recorded her trip to the Principal’s office.

Bethany Koval said she believed her statements never was bullying. Ms. Koval said on Twitter that “Her name was never mentioned” and that she “Never degraded her”

Bethany goes by the nickname “Benny.” Anonymous who is a hacker group supports Benny and told her “We’ve got your back.”

Bethany Koval says that she is “beyond grateful” for the response of support she has received.

A statement from Bruce Watson, who is the Superintendent of the Fair Lawn School District will be released later today.

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