GoFundMe Created To Assist Fair Lawn New Jersey 16-Year-Old Bethany Koval

FAIR LAWN, N.J. (WUNF) — A Go-Fund-Me page has been created to assist Bethany Koval if she needs money for a lawyer.

The fund was created by Noelle Holden who says that she is a close friend of hers from Gilbert, Arizona.

Holden says on the Go-Fund-Me page that if Koval is not sued, the money will go towards “a family in need who’s gone through abuse and needs to escape a difficult situation.”

Many people are weighing in on the Go-Fund-Me with some question if the money raised will actually go to Koval or another family.

Bethany Koval, who is 16-years-old is centered around an international debate. Koval tweeted out Anti-Israeli messages and said that she supports Palestine. Koval is being investigated by Fair Lawn High School in New Jersey for allegedly bullying another classmate who was Pro-Israel on Twitter. Koval expressed happiness when the classmate unfollowed her on the social network site.

At the time of writing this article, the Go-Fund-Me raised $838.00 out of the $1,000 goal. You can visit the Go-Fund-Me here by clicking.

The Go-Fund-Me organizer and Bethany Koval could not be immediately reached for comment.

PUBLISHED | 01/10/16 | 9:59 AM ET

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