NEW YORK, N.Y. (WUNF) — Kyle Mazza of UNF News interviewed Andrew Giuliani over the telephone. Kyle Mazza interviewed Guiliani on Rudy Giuliani, the Governor’s race in New York and Former President Donald J. Trump.

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Interview and Call With Andrew Giuliani With Kyle Mazza of UNF NEWS

Via Teleconference

(June 30, 2021)

KYLE MAZZA: This is Kyle Mazza from UNF News, and I am here with Andrew Giuliani, candidate for governor.
KYLE MAZZA: How are you, Andrew?
ANDREW GIULIANI: Kyle, how are you doing today?
KYLE MAZZA: I'm good. Thank you for asking. So give us the state of your sense of where things stand and how you and your campaign is feeling for this campaign.
ANDREW GIULIANI: Feeling very good, to be perfectly honest. A couple developments. You know, we had some people come out, kind of top competitor for the Republican nomination, the congressman from Long Island, decommissioned a few weeks ago. And we had heard and he never released the numbers. And we have been thinking kind of far before. So we ended up doing our poll. We found out we're up eight points among 590 registered Republicans in New York State. So, you know, for us, we think it's early in the ballgame, what we would say in the second inning.

But it's always better to be up a couple of runs in the second inning than down a couple of runs. You know, what I would also say is there is a push from some of the party insiders to coalesce against against us. And in some ways, I think it helps us. We are, we really are establishing a candidacy of the people's candidate. And for us, it's very important. The two point nine million registered Republicans in New York get to stay on this, not just a few guys in a packed room in Albany.

KYLE MAZZA: The constituents that you will be serving, it's the whole state, have you been in touch with citizens around the state sharing their thoughts about you and your campaign or the other candidates in general? What is the sense from who you're talking to on the ground?

ANDREW GIULIANI: So, yes, I have we ultimately I made the promise when I started my campaign on May 18th in Battery Park right where my great grandfather, entered the United States of America, that I would go to all 62 counties within the first month. And on June 18th, we did our 60 second county sunrise at Niagara Falls. I've since made the promise that we are going to do all 62 counties again by Labor Day and for the next 16 months. That's exactly how we're going to run our campaign.

This is going to be all of New York campaign. I think one of the things that is consistent among all New Yorkers, and this is even a bunch of Democrats that have come up to me, they are sick and tired of Andrew Cuomo's antics and the way that he is running New York State into the ground and continues to do that from ultimately competing small businesses, from being able to function over the last 17 months to this rising spike in crime all over New York State.

You know, there's a lot of focus on New York City and the crime rate spiking in New York City. But the truth is in Buffalo right now, they're on track to have the most murders in the history of the great city of Buffalo in Rochester. About (INAUDIBLE) percent of violent crimes in Syracuse, up 43 percent. This is ultimately a disastrous piece of legislation like bail reform does, really from all New Yorkers. And this is true of both red and blue New Yorkers.

They are ready for change. I'm excited that as of right now, they're favoring me as the candidate.

KYLE MAZZA: And one of the questions that's really dominant right now as well is Zeldin, the support for him, the GOP, the support for you. So how do you correlate and distinct yourself? So and what do you say to people within the GOP or the insiders, all the donors? How do you how are you going to gear them towards your platform, towards your vision, to you? How how are you going to be able to do that and bridge the divide between you and Zeldin?
ANDREW GIULIANI: Well that's a good question. I think the biggest difference between us is the congressman is the inside party candidate. We are we are the people's candidate right now. That's what we're seeing. You know, we've had an early push among the state party to coalesce around the congressman. And for us, we said, hey, guys, hold on a second. It's pretty important, what, two point nine million registered Republicans say, not just a couple dozen guys in the back room in Albany say, so for us. I think what they're seeing is they're seeing that one. We ultimately have what it takes to not just win the nomination, but actually we perform better against Andrew Cuomo than the congressman does. I think most recent numbers that came out, this is before I entered the race, but they matched up the congressman versus Cuomo and he was twenty seven points down Andrew Cuomo. That's not a competitive race. Very, very much. Looking forward to see where our match up with Andrew Cuomo was, because I know that we ultimately, our candidate did not get to not only challenging, but we can actually win. We can win the Democratic support. There's another Giuliani that's won Democratic support before in New York City. I believe we can translate that into independent and Democratic support, along with a coalition of the Republican Party in New York State.

KYLE MAZZA: And on your father, Rudy Giuliani. What is going on with him, the investigations from the DOJ. What is your feeling? Why do you think that they're targeting Rudy Giuliani? And for people out there who may be confused or concerned or may think what is going on? How would you describe your father to those constituents that you're trying to reel in? And and how do you correlate that with the campaign?

ANDREW GIULIANI: Yeah, you know, I'm trying not to correlate with the campaign, with the campaign. This is something that as a son, as somebody who worked for President Trump in the White House, is somebody who seeing other friends of mine and coworkers going through similar things on a much lower profile basis than my father is I'm just disgusted as an American to see the political prosecution. I would say the political vengeance on anybody connected with Donald Trump or the Trump White House.

It disturbs me as an American. You know, I look at this. My my wife is from Lithuania and her mother was forty six years of her life under Soviet oppression. But this is Stalinist tactics. If we don't have good men and women that step up right now, despite ultimately for our American ideals, then then then again, I'm afraid that our kids and our grandkids are not going to know what it's like to be processed in the United States of America.

So for me, I'm trying not to correlate them. I think there are two separate things. But but the truth is, when I talk about my campaign and my father is a great senior adviser, you know, he's somebody who I look at and say, this is a man who changed around New York City. This is a man who literally cleaned up the streets by putting the mob in jail on the five families in jail. If I ultimately didn't use him as an asset, then I wouldn't be smart enough to be governor.
KYLE MAZZA: As Rudy Giuliani's son. What do you want people to know about your father, what's something personal that you can share?
ANDREW GIULIANI: What I would say is this. He doesn't always take the popular path, he always takes the right path. And what I mean by that is, look, the man knew what he was getting into when he represented President Trump. He knew it wasn't popular. He knew ultimately that there were a lot of people that would say, well, he was America's mayor. Those times have passed. But he did it because it was the right thing to do, because ultimately he had the conviction of truth.

He will always fight for the truth. That's the one thing that I think is very, very important to know about Rudy Giuliani whether or not he's whether or not it's the popular thing to do or not. He does the right thing.

KYLE MAZZA: And finally, on President Trump, do you think you will get an endorsement from President Trump, have you spoken to him, had conversations along the way? Have you spoken to the former president?

ANDREW GIULIANI: Yeah, we've spoken about four or five times since I announced, we see each other next week. And we kind of consistently see each other, I'd say, you know, every week or two, depending on the situation, for instance, sometime next week. The truth is, I don't expect an endorsement from President Trump when I was in the White House. What we would say is if you have two friends that are ultimately fighting it out for a nomination, you sit back and you see ultimately who is a stronger candidate.

I think we're establishing the stronger candidacy. And I think the two point nine million registered Republicans in New York are showing that to us through the numbers. So I look forward to having this conversation with President Trump, but I expect it out on the sidelines. But with that being said, look, I talked to him about the race. We talk about other things. He's somebody who worked for four years and somebody who I've known for 20 years. So he's always been a mentor and somebody who I'm proud to call not just a friend, but I would say almost like an (inaudible).

KYLE MAZZA: As former President Trump is, as you say, your friend, do you do you also think that he is an ally for you as far as being able to talk to Republicans directly, being able to talk to those in the MAGA movement?

ANDREW GIULIANI: Well, look, I am I'm proud of the work that I did with President Trump in the White House and, you know, working on the deregulatory agenda where he promised every regulation, signed the law. That number when he walked out of office, was over 12 to one, I'm proud of my work there. They're very proud of the work on the paycheck protection program. They're there and working the entire private sector from the Office of Public Liaison for him to work.

He absolutely is an incredible way to talk to them He started the Maga movement. And as he said so many times, even though that movement is bigger than him, he is the father of that movement. So will he actually be good to talk to? I would say that's accurate.

KYLE MAZZA: And finally, on the pandemic, we've seen a lot of revelations, a lot of new information. What is your takeaway from this pandemic? What should citizens be looking for? What what should Americans be be expecting from President Joe Biden and the leadership right now in America?

ANDREW GIULIANI: Well, let me direct it to Andrew Cuomo here. He's going to be the man that we're going to be taking on at will be on the debate stage next year. And I really relish that moment if, in fact, it is the Democratic candidate. But you know what they should look for? I think what Americans should look for, we all should look for is a leader who does not appear to be getting his ego in the way of public policy and Kyle if you'll give me a moment to explain.

You know, if you think about the disastrous executive order that Andrew Cuomo signed, it sent over 9000 healthy seniors into nursing homes with (inaudible). It cost them their lives, at the same time, you have to remember, the USS Comfort was coming up the eastern seaboard and into the Hudson River. Andrew Cuomo did not want President Donald Trump to get the political win on that and that's why he signed an executive order, which means his ego got in the way of the right public policy, which means the blood of over 9000 New York seniors is on Andrew Cuomo's hands.

We should have we should have leadership in this state, in this country that not put there ego before public policy. That puts the nineteen point five million New Yorkers for themselves and for their political ambitions.

KYLE MAZZA: Andrew Giuliani, candidate for governor of New York, thank you so much for taking the time.

ANDREW GIULIANI: Kyle, Thank you so much. I appreciate it. And you guys have a wonderful day.

KYLE MAZZA: Thank you. You as well.

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