WASHINGTON, DC (WUNF) — YUNGBLUD and K.Flay perform at a sold-out show at 9:30 Club in the heart of Washington, DC.

The night started when YUNGBLUD opened up the evening. YUNGBLUD took the stage and amazed the crowd with many of his latest hits including his moves on the stage.

Many of his fans at the end of his show, saw him on the club floor hanging out — many fans came up to him and said that he was a really good performer, fans exchanged pleasantries with the artist — the crowd was energized throughout the whole open and was amazed by YUNGBLUD’s moves and performance.

Following YUNGBLUD’s performance, the star of the show K.Flay came out and gave the crowd a performance that they will never forget. The show was sold-out and K.Flay did not disappoint. K.Flay made sure she put on a show that would be in the hearts and minds of her fans forever.

[Kyle’s Personal Review of the Performances:

The show was amazing and the crowd was in tune the whole time including myself. YUNGBLUD was very energetic and interacted with his fans which was inspiring. YUNGBLUD’s singing was not just the only reason why he did an amazing job on-stage, it was also his interactions with the fans, incorporating dance and his own style to the performance which made it special and unique.

K.Flay was not only great, but fantastic. Following the performance of YUNGBLUD, K.Flay made the night sparkle with her singing and thanking the fans for coming out to her event.

In conclusion, the night was special because of the fans and of course the artists.]

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