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NYPD Graduation Held At Madison Square Garden Friday

NEW YORK, N.Y. (WUNF) — The NYPD Graduation was held at Madison Square Garden Friday and many were watching from the stands.

The officers who were graduating were very excited and one officer who was graduating told UNF News Reporter Kyle Mazza after the graduation that ‘There is still so much to learn and I cannot wait to experience it’

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PUBLISHED | 07/01/16 | 4:00 PM ET
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  1. Paul W. Masuga

    Kyle keep up the great work, what a unique concept , Unbiased news or if you would rather the truth in news reporting. Americans are looking for the truth, more than that our Democracy’s existence demands it. Keep the opinions on the editorial page . Maybe you could expand by using unbiased volunteers from across the Country, I know a rare commodity in America today. I know You need to make money , but beware that with money can come corruption of Your principles and ideals. If You deviate from the path Your on , if You give an inch of Your Principles to them You will be corrupted and will become like them. Tall order maybe , don’t be afraid of being different embrace Your difference. It Makes You unique it’s hopefully who I think are. Luck

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