President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally At Freedom Hall In Kentucky

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY (WUNF) — President Trump spoke to a crowd of spectators Monday at Freedom Hall in Kentucky.

President Trump spoke about several topics including Obamacare, the border — including the wall, the Second Amendment, North Korea, trade deals and more.

President Trump said because of Obamacare many of the best and the brightest who work in the medical profession are leaving — also saying that the fake news and fake media build up Obamacare. President Trump told the crowd that Thursday will be the chance to end Obamacare.

The President touched on medicine costs and said that medicine prices will be coming way down — President Trump says that by having a fair and competitive bidding process that will aid in bringing down the cost of medicine.

On North Korea President Trump said that what is happening there is disgraceful — when the President mentioned North Korea the crowd booed. Aside from the wall, second amendment and other issues — when Senator Mitch McConnell came out at first to address the spectators some in the crowd cheered and applauded, however some in the crowd booed. Senator McConnell only spoke for a few minutes and other speakers were also present at the Make America Great Again rally however the speaker who drew the most excitement and reaction from the crowd was President Trump.

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