FAIR LAWN, NJ (WUNF) — Saturday morning at 7:40am, a resident from 27th Street, walking home from a business on Banta Place, reported suspicious packages that appeared to be strategically placed in the center of the intersections on Rosalie Street from Banta Place to 27th Street and beyond.

Arriving Fair Lawn Police officers and units found the plastic shopping bags which were different colors were placed from Banta Place up to 34th Street.

In each bag was one clear glass baby food jar with a single black item that appeared to police officers to be M-80 fire crackers.

The affected parts of Rosalie Street were closed off, as well as every affected cross street from Broadway to Raphael Street.

Residents near the affected intersections were told to stay in their homes and shelter in place until the packages could be deemed safe.

The Fair Lawn Police Detective Bureau, along with the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad, responded to the scene and upon completion of their investigation, determined that the black items in the jars were black candles. The Bergen County Sheriff’s Department Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) also responded and retained evidence for further investigation. All streets were reopened at 11:00am.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Fair Lawn Police Detective Karen Censullo at 201-794-5412.

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