Fair Lawn New Jersey High School Rally

FAIR LAWN, N.J. (WUNF) — A rally was held today in front of the Fair Lawn High School supporting the administration regarding the incident involving 16-year-old Bethany Koval.

Adi Vaxman, who was the rally organizer said that she was very happy with the outcome of people who showed up to the rally. Vaxman says that the rally was not political and was only to support the administration and bullying laws.

Vaxman also said that “everyone is entitled to political views and opinions” but she says “parents and educators should do a better job of educating kids about the dangers of the internet” and that “schools need to be empowered to enforce the anti bullying laws to protect kids.”

Vaxman says that “freedom of speech is not an excuse for bullying” Vaxman says that the issue is not about free speech or personal views; it is about Bethany Koval allegedly wanting to share personal information about another student over the internet.

Samantha Wyler who is a graduate of Fair Lawn High School says that she was bullied in the past. Wyler says she is proud of the school for taking the actions that they did.

The Fair Lawn Police Department circled around streets surrounding the Fair Lawn High School to make sure that everyone was safe.

All material was photographed and written by UNF News Reporter Kyle Mazza.

PUBLISHED | 01/10/16 | 4:25 PM ET

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