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United States Secret Service Announce DNC Security Plan, Road Closures

PHILADELPHIA, P.A. (WUNF) — Very soon, Philadelphia will host the Democratic National Convention and UNF News Reporter Kyle Mazza will be there covering it all.

The Democratic National Convention will be held from July 25 to July 28 at the Wells Fargo Center.

The U.S. Secret Service is in charge of security for the event and they’ve released information about road closures and other restrictions during the convention.

An important note to mention is that there will be no restrictions in Center City. In a press release from the Secret Service a map of street closures was released.

Fencing, other physical barriers and uniformed law enforcement officers will be used to enforce road closures and other restrictions.

Philadelphia is expecting about 50,000 visitors for the Democratic National Convention which includes delegates and media.

Many roads will be inaccessible and will start at 12 p.m. on Saturday, July 23, until Friday, July 29th. The affected areas for this will be the north and south bound lanes of South Broad Street between Packer Avenue and the Navy Yard, Terminal Avenue; Pattison Avenue from South 7th Street to FDR Park; Terminal Avenue from S. Broad Street to South 11th Street and South 11th Street from Hartranft Street to Terminal Avenue.

During that same time frame which is 12 p.m. on July 23rd until the 29th of July, these roads will be closed to all vehicles except those with authorized access to the area; Pattison Avenue from South 20th Street to FDR Park; Hartranft Street from South Broad Street to South Darien Street; South Darien Street from Packer Avenue to Lurie Way and 10th Street South of Packer Avenue.

All highways and expressways in Philadelphia will be open to passenger vehicles throughout the duration of the Democratic National Convention, however commercial vehicles over five tons which, as an example, includes delivery trucks, utility vehicles, buses and tractor-trailers will not be allowed to drive on I-95 between exit 13 and exit 22.

From Monday, July 25, through Friday, July 29, exit 350 for Packer Avenue off I-76 East will be closed between 2 p.m. and 2 a.m.

You must have a credential or ticket to enter the DNC at the Wells Fargo Center. Those with access will be subjected to a thorough security screening.

The Secret Service has also released a list of items that will be banned from the arena which includes selfie-sticks.

Stay tuned to UNF News for continuing coverage on the DNC.

PUBLISHED | 07/08/16 | 9:57 PM ET
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